Group Courses

Course DescriptionLevelPrice
QUEER anfangen.
Group course where you learn the basics of German language and first possibilities of genderneutral language.
Tuesdays 18-20 CET.
Next starting: Summer Break. Price for 12 classes.
QUEER weitermachen.
Group course where you continue learning the German language and more ways of talking in a gender neutral way.
Mondays 18-20 CET.
Next starting: 08.07.2024. Price for 10 classes.
Conversation courses once a week with sliding scale depending on how often you want to participate.
Monday-Thursday 16:30-17:30 CET.
Starting: 01.07.2024. Price for 3-5 classes.
A1-B1+35 – 50€
QUEER Wortwitz.
Learn about German word jokes and proverbs.
Mondays19-20 CET.
Starting: 08.07.2024. Price for 6 classes.
If the course of your choice already started, prices will be reduced accordingly.

Individual Course

For all new clients: Let’s do a consultation!
We talk about your needs, goals and your former learning experience and I show you how I work and the materials. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions or let me know about individual learning needs. Initial consultations are online and cost 12€.

Didn’t found what you were looking for? Still have doubts or questions? Write me an Email with your needs and what you wish for.

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