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Welcome to QUEER gesprochen?!

LGBT flag with colors of trans and black and brown movement. Written on it is QUEER_gesprochen?! German Language Courses for LGBTQI*

Welcome to the new website ofย QUEER_gesprochen?!

QUEER_gesprochen?! is a project to learn the German language with a focus on diversity sensitive language. Depending on which language level you or the course are and what you need, we take a closer look on neo-pronouns, grammar, and vocabulary for trans and non-binary people, read articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts about queer life in Germany and other topics you might find interesting. I offer on-going group courses and tailor made individual lessons. You need something tailor-made for you and your partner, friends, or team? Contact me and we’ll see how we can make it happen. All courses are online at the moment, since rooms cost money and I like to offer the courses as cost-effective as possible.

QUEER_gesprochen?! is for people of all sizes and shapes, regardless of ethnic or social origin, religion, gender, sexuality, sexual preference, disability, age or profession. The project is designed to create a safe space to learn the German language so you can speak it how you would like to and connect with other queer(-friendly) people.


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