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Hallo liebe Menschen!

Welcome to the newsletter of QUEER_gesprochen?! In this newsletter, I want to give you an overview about new (and ongoing) offerings and some general informations in case you don’t know much about what this little project is about. Next to the titles you find information about the language the offer is using.
The newsletter and email-list is handmade, so if you don’t want to receive it anymore or not even sure why you get it in the first place, please let me know by answering this email so I can sort you out. 🙂 In case your email provider and the layout is not working together and it’s hard to read, I posted the content also on my website: …

And since I personally find newsletter with only events and courses a bit boring, I want to give you a little exercise as a bonus! You find it in the General Information section.  

New Offers and exciting News in July

Summertalks: Conversation Groups in different levels
One hour conversation practise starting at 4.30pm CET and talk with other queers and practise your German skills. Based on your skill-level on the application form you get sorted in: Mondays A1, Tuesdays A2, Wednesdays B1 and Thursdays B2/C1. You can register here.

QUEER gelacht (B1+)
Germans love about word jokes and to use proverbs. We want to take a look on that and find out, what Germans laugh about. Mondays 7-8pm, 6 weeks for 80€. More informations here.

Upcoming Collabs:
In July I want to do some collabs, but we still figure out the details. If you’re interested in Genderneutral Language and Dirty Talk, please let me know and I can keep you updated!
What is already confirmed: On July 15th you’ll find me on SMUT SLAM! Get your Tickets here.

Current offers

Don’t forget! QUEER getroffen (Meet-Up) (for all levels)
Summer is coming and QUEER_gesprochen?! wants to offer again Meet-Ups in the park. The first will be on June 29th and there will be teachers for help. If you’re interested, just sent me an email, so I can keep you up-to-date where the Meet-Up will happen.

Bettgeflüster (written in German, B1+ recommended)
Mercedes from QUEER_gesprochen?! wrote a little zine about how to get into dirty talk with German vocabulary and Polar Embassy published it! Find out more.

Ongoing group courses (A1-A2)
The A2 group meets Mondays 6-8pm, on July 8th we start with A2.2. If you’re interested in joining, you can register here.

Individual classes and private groups (all levels)
You can always book individual courses or private group classes for you and your partner/friends/coworkers… Please ask for more details via mail.   

Diversity and genderneutral language training (in German and English possible)
Interested in a training of diversity at the workplace, how to install a diversity-sensitive approach in the classroom or just curious, about how genderneutral language work? Please ask for more details via mail.

Recommend a friend
QUEER_gesprochen?! wants to reward recommendations and gives 10% reduction for your next course, if a friend (or partner or coworker…) also books a course. You find all conditions here.

QUEER gelernt (exercises in German, explanations in German and English)
The little workbook about genderneutral language and the neopronouns dey/demm has still some paper copies left. You find more information about it here.

General information

Bonus exercise
It’s Pride Month! 

Do you know, when the first Christopher-Street-Day in Berlin happened?  

(If you don’t know, you’ll find the information on QUEER_gesprochen?!s Instagram at the end of June) 

What is QUEER_gesprochen?! and who is it for?
QUEER_gesprochen?! is a project which offers German language courses for LGBTQIA*, trainings for teachers and companies about diversity sensitivity and gender neutral language. 

It is for people of all sizes and shapes, regardless of ethnic or social origin, class, religion, gender, sexuality, sexual preference, disability, age, profession or anything else that makes us who we are. I create the courses as a safe space for all who want to learn the German language but feel uncomfortable in other classes or want to connect with other queer folk.

If not statet differently, all courses are online. 

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