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Help Wanted

Announcement for wanted help. Text says: Help wanted! Are you / Do you know - a diversity sensitive German teacher - someone with cool ideas, who like to co-found On top is a colourful garland, on the bottom a heart with pride colours and comic people around who holding pride flags in the air

Are you / Do you know…

  • a diversity sensitive German teacher?
  • someone with cool ideas, who likes to co-found?

Important for teachers

  • to be able to create safe spaces
  • knowledge about how to make German language more inclusive
  • training or/and experience in teaching

Bonus points for:

  • experience in online teaching
  • experience in creating asynchronous courses

Important for co-founders

Tell me about your ideas, skills or other resources and how they would make QUEER_gesprochen?! bigger.

QUEER_gesprochen?! wants to create a safe space for queers to learn and communicate. This can be done in many forms, so don’t hesitate to tell me about your idea.

What else?

Priority to queers and those affected by intersectionality. Experience in some form would be helpful but you don’t need any certificates. I care mostly about your ideas and if we can work together.

Just write me, why you think you should be part of the team:

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