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In March two courses for intermediate and advanced students starts. Take a dive into Germanys queer history or participate in a conversation course to built up confidence in speaking or improve your speaking skills.

The facilitator of the courses is amazing Jarral, who has a lot experience as a diversity trainer, language teacher and starts to support the team in March. 😀

QUEER_gelebt. Learn about Queer history in Germany

You’re a history nerd and want to learn German while exploring Germanys queer history? Then this course is for you!

  • Starts on 13th March and takes place Mondays 17-18 CET till 24th April. No lesson on 10th April due of Easter holidays.
  • 6 lessons for 80€
  • German History with interactive exercises
  • Online, no further material needed.
  • Attention: The course will be fully in German, so a understanding of the language is necessary. We do some vocabulary work, work with texts and audio and talk about what we learn. If you’re unsure about your level, let me know and we do a 10-minutes conversation beforehand.

QUEER_unterhalten. Talk with other queers about topics you find interesting and train your conversation skills

Your German is okay-ish but you need more practise with talking? Everyone changes to English when you start to talk? Then this course is for you!

  • Starts on 16th March and takes place Thursdays 17-18 CET till 27th April.
  • 7 lessons for 90€
  • Different queer topics give you a chance to finally start talking.
  • Online, no further material needed.

Both courses for 150€!

*Link to Google forms for an easier register process. You can also write me an Email.

If you’re interested in other courses or individual lessons, check out Courses or write an Email.

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