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QUEER_gesprochen?! started three years ago as a very spontaneous idea and it’s still growing, thanks to everyone who supported me in the past and keep on supporting this project. Since more and more of my students were recommended by a friend I want to say thank you and reward that!

Till end of June you get 10% reduction for the next course, if you recommend Qg?! to a friend (or partner or co-worker or …) and they book a course. Your friend gets another 5% off as a welcome. They just have to write your name at the end of the register form and I’ll contact you when they book an individual or group course.


  • You can only get 10% off one invoice a time.
  • You get the 10% as often as many friends you recommended till June 30th. For example: You recommend QUEER_gesprochen?! to 3 friends, so the next 3 invoices have a discount of 10%.
  • Your friend has to decide for a course before June 30th to get you the discount.
  • You can use the discount till 31st of December 2024.
  • When you and your friend recommend each other, the person who registered first get 10% and the other 5%.
  • The discounts can be combined with the Individual Course Packages “Mittel” und “GroƟ” but not with other discounts.
  • No discount if your friend only book a consultation.

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