Spring Courses!

Individual courses (Register here)

  • 5 lessons 60 minutes: 175€
  • 10 lessons 60 minutes : 300€
  • 10 lessons 90 minutes: 450€

QUEER Quatschen: Conversation Class A2 and higher.

You already know some German and understanding is okay, but you’re still to slow to take part in a conversation? Let’s practise together in this group. Group decides about the focus.

  • Wednesdays 5-6pm CET and starts already on March 20th.
  • 6 weeks for 80€

QUEER Schnittmenge: Conversation Class B1+ and higher

You want to practise discussing intersectional topics in a queer group? Then this group is for you! It’s an offer for students of a higher level to practise their discussion skills.

  • Wednesdays 5-6pm CET and starts already on March 20th.
  • 6 weeks for 80€

QUEER_anfangen. Start Learning German in a queer group

You want to learn German without having to argue about pronouns or explain your sexuality? Other courses were too fast and couldn’t explain gender neutral options? Then join this class and learn with other queer people in a safe space. The group is already trough half of the A1 level, so you should know some basics like numbers, time, plural, articles, Akkusativ.

  • Starts on April 09th and takes place Tuesdays 6-8pm CET
  • 12 weeks, 250€

QUEER_weitermachen. Continue Learning German in a queer-friendly environment

You already know some German but would like to learn in a group with only queers for a change? Look no further, there is not one but two A2 classes for you!

  • One continues on April 8th and takes place Mondays 6-8pm CET. The group is half way trough A2.1.
  • The second one starts on April 11th with A2.2. It takes place Thursdays 4-6pm CET.
  • Both courses go 12 weeks for 250€.

NEW: QUEER dranbleiben. Get to your B1 examination while learning with other queers

The B1 examination is a goal of many to stay in Germany for a longer period. And finally QUEER_gesprochen?! offers a class to reach that goal! Since B1 level is more complex than the A-levels this course will take place twice a week. Join the first 3-month-cycle to start the journey.

  • First cycle starts on April 8th and takes place Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5:30 pm CET.
  • 12 weeks for 375€

All courses:

  • are online
  • a safe space for queer people and everyone interested in diversity sensitive language
  • small groups 3-7 people
  • pace depending on the group, if it’s too fast or too slow -> tell your teacher and we find a solution
  • no further material is needed
  • if the course of your choice already started, prices will be reduced accordingly.

For some learning a language is easy, for others it can take forever. Affects on your learning experience can be: your former learning experience, your native language, neurodivergency, how busy your life is, how boring the book is, how safe you feel in front of your teacher and other students and many other little things. This doesn’t mean you’ll never learn this language, just that you need a different learning setting. At QUEER_gesprochen?! you’ll find a safe space with facilitators who are also part of the LGBTQIA* community, know intersectional discrimination, have neurodivergencies themselves and love learning languages. They try to make the lessons as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please give us feedback, if something is not working for you, so we can do it better.

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